About Clerical Medical

Clerical Medical is a trading name of Scottish Widows Limited.

On 30 November 2015 CMI Insurance Company Limited ("CMI") was acquired by the RL360 Group. On 5 April 2016 it was renamed RL360 Life Insurance Company Limited and rebranded to RL360° Services. All policyholders affected by this transaction have been written to and informed of the changes. A new website has been created for these policyholders.

Policies that were originally written by the Isle of Man Branch of Clerical Medical were not part of this transaction.

Other changes to the Scottish Widows Group of companies


Where to go for more information

- for policy numbers beginning with N, 2, 3 or any of the following letter combinations,
  AD, BC, BG, CP, CQ, DA, DQ, GA, GQ, MQ, PA, PD, PP or PQ, please visit www.rl360services.com.
- for policy numbers beginning with C, 4 or 9, please stay on this site.