Fund fact sheets

Important note: This information is only for existing customers to use when assessing the funds in which they're invested. If you want to make changes to the amount you invest in a fund, move into a different fund or start a new investment, you should speak to a financial adviser. This material should not be relied upon as sufficient information to support an investment decision.

Some products only hold accumulation units while other products hold capital and accumulation units. Your valuation statement will tell you which type of units you hold and in which fund.

Passport Range

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Fund name Fund No. Sedol No. Fund
Sterling Income 101 0160841 Sterling
Global Bond 102 0160852 Sterling
Global Mixed 103 0160829 Sterling
Global Equity 104 0160863 Sterling
UK Index Tracker 123 0162041 Sterling
Japanese Index Tracker 124 0162364 Sterling
US Index Tracker 125 0162375 Sterling
Continental European Equity 136 0431912 Sterling
UK Equity 137 4158712 Sterling
UK Bond 138 4158723 Sterling
European Bond 152 0431837 Euro
Pacific Basin Equity 260 0431901 US Dollar
SR UK Equity 1101 0169837 Sterling
SR UK Index Tracker 1102 0169848 Sterling
SR UK Bond 1103 0169826 Sterling
CMI SR Sterling Income 1104 0169741 Sterling
SR Global Bond 1109 0169525 Sterling
SR Global Mixed 1110 0169569 Sterling
SR Global Equity 1111 0169558 Sterling
SR Global Liquidity Fund 1113 0159634 Sterling
CMI SR Sterling Cautious Managed 1150 3393796 Sterling
CMI SR Sterling Balanced Managed 1151 3393785 Sterling
CMI SR Sterling Adventurous Managed 1152 3393718 Sterling
CMI IS European Fund 1160 B5B4LF7 Sterling
SR US Index Tracker 1202 0169893 US Dollar
SR US Bond 1203 0169882 US Dollar
SR US Dollar Currency Reserve 1205 0169901 US Dollar
SR Pacific Basin Equity 1219 0431774 US Dollar
SR US Equity 1240 0103095 US Dollar
CMI SR US Dollar Cautious Managed 1250 3393815 US Dollar
CMI SR US Dollar Balanced Managed 1251 3393763 US Dollar
CMI SR US Dollar Adventurous Managed 1252 3393707 US Dollar
SR Japanese Equity 1401 0169644 Japanese Yen
SR Japanese Index Tracker 1402 0169655 Japanese Yen
SR Continental European Equity 2602 0431978 Euro
SR Euro Bond 2604 0431796 Euro
SR Euro Currency Reserve 2605 0103620 Euro
SR Euro Index Tracker 2606 0729372 Euro
CMI SR Euro Cautious Managed 2650 3393804 Euro
CMI SR Euro Balanced Managed 2651 3393730 Euro
CMI SR Euro Adventurous Managed 2652 3393729 Euro